Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life of an Indian

The life as we see in India is not very fun-filled or exciting as compared to a life in other countries. Indians live a predictable lifepredictable because they still follow the old beliefs set by their ancestors. Beliefs such as:

Education (5-23)
It starts at age 5 and ends at age 22/23/24 (this varies depending on the courses they choose). An urge to succeed in every step of life begins as early as they are five when parents start expecting their kid to be the best in almost all subjects, and as an obedient kids they give their best to stand to their parents expectations. In this competition of being best they completely forget they have a childhood and it is meant to be enjoyed without any burdens/restrictions.

Job (24-as long as they can)
After carrying a heavy load of curriculum, the next stage begins without wasting a single minutewhich is called a job. The work culture literally kills their adulthood, here, productivity matters more than joy. And that's why the majority of employees express their anxiety by switching from one job to another. On top of work pressure, personal responsibilities push them work harder.

Marriage (Age 27-31)
And the only way to experience little joy of life is getting married which lasts just for 6 months or less, because as per the beliefs having kids is mandatory. Life can be beautiful with just one child but the belief plays a role againevery couple must have at least two kids, and if the first two kids are girl then keep trying until you have a boy. The kids arrive as the turning point in their lifesince fulfilling their needs becomes the first priority for parents which continues till the end of their life.

The End 
They say - every person asks three questions to themselves on their deathbed:
1. Have I lived wisely?
2. Have I loved well?
3. Have I served greatly?

Having lived a traditional life how many Indians have 'Yes' as an answer to these questions? The number would be very small right?

The Change 
Thankfully, with the proliferation in literacy and the exposure to other cultures, Indians are changing the way they followed the set beliefs. The definition of life has changed in past few years. People are happy with one kid and a few are daring to enjoy life without a kid.

Live a life you wish to, not the one others expect.

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